For this assignment we had to draw fan art roadsigns! So of course I couldn’t resist doing eeveelutions!  I had tons of fun with this~ 

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Carol Spicuzza

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Took a selfie while crying 2014

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"you know what? fuck school. im going to go watch evangelion." a teenage boy said before quitting school forever. as you may have already guessed…that student was albert einstein

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I’m channeling Neptune through my crotch. 

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I miss my best friends. I miss being able to call you late at night to talk. I miss our adventures at night. I miss my con buddy (it’s not as fun with out you) I miss so much. But I’m so scared to go back, I’m still hurt that you dropped me like I was nothing. You did it so easily the first time you can do it just as easily again. When I get messages from you guys I’m so scared that you are going to tell me I’m a pice of trash again, and I’m scared I’m going to believe it.


food will never break my heart

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